I recommend Aaron Evans and his team for probate work. The entire team is experienced, professional and caring. ~ Sandy Schissler

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Aaron Evans Denver Lawyer Review
Probate Law Success Story

Our clients got a great result and did not have to pay a large amount of money in attorney fees. I was most proud of the fact that we kept the family together. I always focus on the family to see what we can do to keep them as a family, as compared to further dividing them. 

– Aaron Evans

Tim Bounds Denver Lawyer Review

Will & Trust Success Story

“Tim Bounds his team were exceptionally professional, helpful and friendly with me and my husband.  He openly discussed our will/trust options and we are very confident with our decision.  Thank you, Tim Bounds team at Evans Case!” – Katherine H.

Larry Jacobs Denver Lawyer Review

Real Estate Law Success Story

An elderly couple signed a contract to purchase a pre-manufactured home and paid a substantial amount to the seller up-front. The seller did not complete the work, filed for bankruptcy. With Larry's help, the insurance company was forced to pay the bond and the mechanics lien was extinguished.
Review on Larry Jacobs