Professional and Fiduciary Liability

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Professional and Fiduciary Liability

Professionals and fiduciaries have unique liability issues, including the breach of professional or fiduciary standards of care. There are also statutes, codes, and practice standards that can lead to complex legal claims and significant exposure to damages.

We have represented attorneys, physicians, engineers, accountants, insurance specialists, real estate professionals, directors and officers in a wide variety of legal claims. We have also analyzed cases against professionals to evaluate the extent of their legal exposure.

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Fiduciaries, such as trustees, personal representatives of estates, conservators, and agents under powers of attorney face a wide range of legal exposure.

Fiduciaries are in a unique position of controlling assets intended for the benefit of others and face legal liability for financial mismanagements, failure to account, conflicts of interest, co-mingling funds, negligent investments, and the failure to make required distributions to beneficiaries.

We advise both fiduciaries and persons who have claims against fiduciaries and attempt to provide reasonable, practical advice to resolve these often complex problems.

Keith Lapuyade Professional and Fiduciary Liability Lawyer

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