“I would highly recommend EVANS CASE for any legal issues for elders.  They are not just law professionals but also advocates and caring individuals.” ~ Frank V., Denver

Elder Law

Generally, conservatorships and guardianships are legal proceedings that are initiated to establish an individual’s inability to manage their affairs, and result in the legal appointment of someone else to manage them.

In a conservatorship, the Court appoints a conservator to manage, preserve, and administer assets owed by and for the benefit of the protected person. A guardianship, on the other hand, is a legal proceeding in which an individual’s civil liberties are transferred to a guardian to exercise decisions regarding the health and welfare of the individual.

Each appointment has different requirements and Evans Case can help make sure that your loved ones are properly taken care of with the right appointment. We can also help protect you by ensuring that you meet the specified duties of your role as guardian or conservator. In certain cases, you may need help to challenge the appointment of another guardian or conservator. Our experienced probate attorneys can provide assistance dealing with issues related to:

  • Petitions to appoint a permanent guardian and/or conservator (for minors or seniors)

  • Obtaining temporary or emergency guardianship

  • Navigating adult guardianship or becoming a court appointed conservator

  • Challenges to the appointment of a guardian and/or conservator

  • Preparation of annual guardian and conservator reports

With over 40 years of elder law experience, the attorneys at Evans Case are some of the best guardianship and conservatorship attorneys in the Denver area. They are your local advocates, and the will relentlessly fight for the welfare of your loved one.  

For guidance, call 303-757-8300 to schedule an appointment with one of our experienced elder law attorneys.

How We Can Serve You

In protective proceedings, a guardian or conservator is appointed by the Court to make decisions for an adult or minor the Court deems to be incapacitated.

“I would highly recommend EVANS CASE for any legal issues for elders. They are not just law professionals but also advocates and caring individuals.  This includes the entire staff who are also dedicated to the well-being of elders.  Their ethics, proficiency, competency and advocacy are above all others I have encountered.”


~ Frank V., Denver

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