“I would highly recommend Evans Case to help
to grow, protect and sell your business.” 
~ John D., Denver

Business Law in Denver CO

At Evans Case, we also acts as general counsel for numerous companies. We help them evaluate their options and ensure their rights are protected.

How We Can Serve You

In the course of running your business, you may need an experienced business attorney to help with the following legal matters:

  • Contract and agreement review

  • Employee dispute resolution

  • Real Estate purchase, sales, or lease negotiations

  • Litigation defense

  • Establishing a corporation or LLC

  • Selling your business

  • Preparing your business for your retirement

  • Estate planning to ensure your investment is protected

You are in business to make money, not to deal with legal issues. A solid corporate foundation is essential for the continuing health of any business. The attorneys at Evans Case can help you to grow, protect, and sell your business. We provide a broad range of corporate legal services ranging from the formation of corporations to complex commercial transactions.

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Success Stories

  • We represented a client who found a struggling company near bankruptcy. We helped establish a Limited Liability Company (LLC) and arranged the purchase of the assets, including tradenames, phone lists, and customer lists. Our client grew the business over the next two years and then sold it. We helped draft the sales documents and our client made more than $1 million in profit.


  • A client came to us when they were expanding their business. We helped them set up three corporations and then handled the buyout of internal partners. The owner continued to grow the business, calling on us for a variety of legal needs. When the owner decided to sell the business, we were there to help draft, revise, and review the sales documents. The company was sold to a national organization for more than $10 million dollars.

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