Summer Parenting Fun – Parenting Time and Custody

Protect Your Summer Parenting Fun

Summer vacation is a time for fun and relaxation. Summer may mean camps, family reunions, sporting activities or other special trips. This should not be a time to worry about legal issues related to visitation.

If you share custody/parental responsibilities and want to spend quality time with your children over the summer, you may find yourself wallowing in a mess of visitation/parenting time disputes. Parenting plans dealing with summer visitation/parenting time should be spelled out in detail – often down to the specific time the children must be returned to the other parent.

Before the frustrations begin, make sure that you have a vacation schedule that abides by your court order. If your vacation creates a conflict, the help of an experienced family law attorney can be invaluable. The team of Denver Family Law Attorneys at Evans Case has the experience and can help you resolve summer parenting.

Things to consider for the summer months:

Make Sure You Are in Compliance with Your Parenting Plan
Some parenting plans will not allow your children to leave the state or country without the express consent of the other parent or court order. If you have a court-ordered parenting plan, you should work well in advance to have it modified to allow for travel that is either not covered by the court order or may not address a change in circumstances. If you reach an agreement with the other party modifying your summer parenting plan, make sure to get it in writing. After you come to an agreement, make sure that the agreement is approved by the court.

Give Sufficient Notice
Parenting Plans may require advance notice to the other parent. Be sure that you abide by the parenting plan and the details involving summer vacations.

Be Reasonable
We often see situations where the parents are so at odds that a party will refuse a request for a schedule change even when it is reasonable and they have no conflicts that would cause issues. Step back and consider the impact to your children.

Set Priorities
Your child’s health and safety come first. Education is also important. If there is a medical issue that prevents a summer visit, or if summer school impacts visitation, work with the other parent to ensure that he or she gets equal time with your children.

Know Your Agreement
Be aware of your court order and be sure that you comply with its terms. Not sure what you can do? The Denver Family Law Attorneys at Evans Case will review your agreement and help determine the options available to you. Communication with the Children.
Summer vacation does not mean a communication ban with the other parent. Face-Time and/or Skype calls may be a great way to provide “virtual time with the child”, even while you’re in a hotel room. Address Specific Concerns with a Family Law Attorney – If Necessary

If you are concerned about making changes to your court–ordered parenting plan, have a situation where visitation is supervised, have concerns about domestic violence, or you are worried about the return your child – consult the Family Law experts at Evans Case who specializes in Family Law and custody matters.

Following these steps will go a long way to ensure a great summer for all. If you have questions about your parenting plan, your allocation of parental responsibilities, or just need help – call the Denver Family Law Attorneys at Evans Case today, we can help!

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