I recommend Aaron Evans and his team for probate work. The entire team is experienced, professional and caring.

~ Sandy Schissler

Probate Law Success Story

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Aaron Evans was approached by a brother and sister after their mother died. They learned that their younger brother had stolen from their mother during the last few years of her life. Aaron helped explain the basics of the probate process and how a probate would allow for the transfer of their mother’s home to a buyer.

Aaron also explained that the probate process could be used to attempt to collect stolen funds from their brother.


Aaron worked with their younger brother, getting him to admit to the theft and attempting to find a way to get back the money he owed to his brother and sister. Without going to court, Aaron was able to get the younger brother to agree to reduce his inheritance by the amount he had stolen.

“Our clients got a great result and did not have to pay a large amount of money in attorney fees. I was most proud of the fact that we kept the family together. I hate to see a family torn apart after the loss of a parent and always focus on the family to see what we can do to keep them as a family, as compared to further dividing them.” 


– Aaron Evans