Hire an experienced real estate attorney to oversee your
commercial or residential property transactions.

Real Estate Lawyer Denver

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When real estate transactions are mishandled, they can have financially ruinous results, lead to lawsuits, damage your business or reputation, and possibly even result in the loss of the property in question. To ensure that your best interests are fully represented and that your business is handled as efficiently as possible it is essential that you have an experienced real estate attorney oversee your commercial or residential property transactions.

How We Can Serve You

If you are in need of a real estate attorney, our team can help you with these and many other matters:

Negotiating the purchase or sale of property

  • Overseeing due diligence investigations

  • Handling matters of condemnation and eminent domain

  • Managing title matters, easements, and rights of way

  • Securing and overseeing financing

  • Resolving zoning issues

Real estate transactions are often the most expensive types of deals people make during the course of their lifetime. Property transactions are extremely complicated and often involve a number of considerations, including: zoning, insurance, contracts, etc.

Contact us online anytime:
  • Overseeing residential and commercial condominium conversions

  • Developing and managing residential and commercial leasing agreements

  • Handling real estate-related tax matters

  • Resolving real estate legal disputes, including contract disputes, encroachment matters, problems with titles or deeds and, trespassing or boundary issues.

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