Von Miller's 2nd Annual A Night to Take Flight

Von Miller's foundation, Von's Vision, hosted their second annual A Night to Take Flight celebrity gala at Jet Linx Aviation in Denver, CO on September 20, 2021. The proceeds from the event benefited Von's Vision, which provides low-income students with eye care and the fashionable, corrective eyewear they need to be successful in the classroom.

Each year, Denver Public Schools have nearly 5,000 incoming low income 1st Graders who have never seen an eye doctor and more than 1,900 of those 1st graders need glasses. Across the entire district, Denver Public Schools has more than 27,000 low-income students who need some level of vision correction.

Colorado has more than 72,000 low-income children who need some level of vision correction. At Texas A&M, nearly half of the 60,000+ students receive some type of needs-based financial aid. Based on statistics, a similar percentage of young adults need corrective eyewear as young children. When paired with lack of access to vision insurance and/or funding for corrective eyewear, the number of students at Texas A&M who could benefit from Von’s Vision program is in excess of 10,000.

Von’s Vision will work to provide solutions to this problem through development of targeted and strategic impact and outreach programs.

To learn more about Von's Vision or to make a donation, visit