Evans Case gets in step with SweetFeet

Evans Case has teamed up with Los Angeles-based basketball coach turned magazine exec Arzelle Lewis. Lewis is the Executive and Creator of BAC Magazine and also the founder of the S.w.e.e.t.f.e.e.t. Movement.

Sweetfeet is an acronym for: "Society wins every engagement together fighting every engagement together". Sweetfeet has a mission to put 1 million pairs of shoes on the feet of youth worldwide. Lewis is also a local Denverite and his passion for inner-city youth, especially in the "five-points" neighborhood is what drives the mission and mentorship he provides and what draws Evans Case to partner with the Sweetfeet movement. See how the movement started by clicking here.

For the past 2 ½ years, Lewis aka Shoeman has delivered over 8,700 brand-new shoes to kids with the help of this community sponsorship.  #Shoeman has also created a Leadership Program called, “BLA” which is short for, “Business Learning Academy.” BLA focuses on Financial Literacy via hosting a series of instructional workshops that introduce critical thinking, money-related, decision-making activities for teenagers and young adults.  Students gain hands-on experience through our series of professional workshops. 

To keep the momentum going, the Shoekids are continually honing their skills through the instructional/educational workshops Sweetfeet presents.  Shoeman is personally mentoring the Shoekids and has helped them create their own brand that they can make money from.  Shoeman believes in giving our future business leaders a head start.  The Shoekids learn teamwork, entrepreneurship, ownership, marketing, and ultimately how to run a successful business.  The Shoekids are majority owners of the “SHOEKID” brand.  Shoeman and the Shoekids even have plans to open their own clothing store sometime in 2020. 

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