Partners and Pancakes

Recently, the partners of Evans Case, both previous and present gathered together to reminisce. The holidays brought nostalgia and thus, the partners exchanged battle stories. Great to see all of the old partners from Benson & Case back together again.

Joe Stengel (front left) , former partner and overall great guy. His practice focused on civil litigation and real estate law. He brought his clever thinking and tenacity to Benson & Case and was valued as a partner. He moved onto his own private practice in 2018. Evans Case wishes him much success in 2020.

John Case (second from the left) co-founded the firm with Tom Benson back in 1998. He is regarded as one of the best wrongful death and personal injury attorneys in Denver. As a founding partner, John Case has been loyal and is always willing to share his vast intellect with our younger associates. He has been semi-retired and Of Counsel since the end of 2018.

Larry Jacobs (middle) is one of our two current managing partners. Larry focuses his practice on real estate, corporate, and family law. He is dedicated to the community and to helping families and small businesses with his practice. Larry's commitment and vast experience make Evans Case a cut above the rest.

Tom Benson (second to right) is the other co-founder of Benson & Case. He met John Case back in the 70’s and have been friends ever sense. Tom focused his practice on Estate Planning and helped thousands of families over the years. Tom is a loyal Notre Dame supporter and his energy and sticky notes will always be missed.

Aaron Evans (front right) is the other current managing partner at Evans Case. Aaron focuses on probate and elder law litigation, as well as Guardianship/Conservator ship work. His years of experience paired with his natural ability to efficiently get the job done allow Aaron to provide the highest quality of results to all of his clients and their families.

Should old acquaintance be forgot and never brought to mind, except for during the holidays and new year when old friends and business partners can take a respite from their new ventures to stir up fond memories of the past.

Evans Case believes in family, friends, community and commitment, and that's just who we desire to serve, and what we desire provide. Call us today at 303-757-8300 to talk with one of our dedicated and compassionate attorneys.

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