“Larry Jacobs is the best. He knows his law, excellent in court, and deeply cares about you and your case. If it wasn't for Larry, I don't think we would have won our trial and in the appeals court. I know we will win with the Colorado supreme court too. I wish they had higher ratings for this man.” ~ Vicki S.

Family Law Denver, CO


What can further complicate matters of family law are allegations of domestic violence or unfit parenting, both of which can drag cases out for months or even years. If you find yourself facing any family law issue, it is essential that you secure the services of an experienced family lawyer to ensure that your rights are fully protected and your case is resolved as efficiently and favorably as possible.

How We Can Serve You

If you are in need of a family law attorney, our team can help you with these and many other matters:

  • Allocation of Parental Responsibilities (formerly known as Custody)

  • Divorce proceedings, including the division of property and liability

  • Annulment and legal separation proceedings

  • Child Support

  • Maintenance (formerly known as Alimony)

  • Marital Agreements

  • Parenting Time and Visitation Rights

  • Post Decree Modifications of Child Support or Maintenance

  • Protection Orders (formerly known as Restraining Orders)

  • Adoption and/or Surrogacy

  • Paternity issues (including paternity fraud and testing)

  • Contempt of court proceedings (in which one party is accused of failing to abide by an agreement that has been previously approved by the Court)

Matters of family law are rarely clear-cut or quickly resolved, as these issues typically involve heated debates regarding your closest loved ones, your finances, and the future of you and your children.

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