Disability Planning

Not Worried About Disability? Think Again…

No one expects to be the victim of a serious accident, injury, or illness. What if it does happen? Are you prepared? Proper planning will ensure that the people whom you trust will manage your affairs in the event of disability, accident, or injury – not the court system. Having a comprehensive estate plan in place isn’t just about dying, it is about planning for life. This includes disability and your inability to make decisions for yourself. One size does not fit all – your plan is as unique as you are. To prepare for an effective estate planning, ask yourself ...
  • What happens if you become disabled?
  • Who will make sure that your finances are in order and bills are paid?
  • Who will make health care decisions on your behalf if you are no longer able?
  • Does your family know your wishes if a life threatening or serious medical condition were to arise?
  • Is your property ownership titled correctly if you are no longer able to handle your affairs?
  • How is your retirement plan affected if you become disabled?
Guidance from knowledgeable and experienced attorneys help clients; discover their options, calm their fears, reassure their loved ones, preserve what matters most, and, most importantly, achieve peace of mind. For disability planning, ask an Evans Case attorney about: Financial Power of Attorney:
  • Financial Power of Attorney allows you to nominate a trusted person to make financial decisions on your behalf. This directive is most helpful in the event of your disability, so that trusted someone has the ability to act on your behalf in order to access your bank account, pay your bills, and make sure you are taken care of financially.
Medical Power of Attorney:
  • Medical Power of Attorney is specifically designed to designate someone you trust to make everyday healthcare decisions for you if you are unable to do so. When choosing a health care agent, select someone who will keep your best interests and wishes in mind.
Living Will:
  • Also known as an Advance Medical Directive, a Living Will is a declaration setting forth your wishes regarding how you want to be treated with respect to life prolonging medical procedures. A Living Will applies in situations where, you are unable to make your own decisions, you have either a terminal or end stage condition, or are in a persistent vegetative state and your doctors have determined there is no reasonable medical probability of your recovery. This document expresses your wishes and provides guidance to your loved ones.
Title and Ownership:
  • It is important to make sure that your assets are titled correctly, and you have properly designated beneficiaries.
  • Discuss your retirement plans and how they are set up to ensure that they coincide with your overall goals and needs.
Do you have the right estate plan for your situation? Everyone needs the proper estate plan in place, to prepare for the unexpected. To schedule a free consultation to discuss your needs, call 303-757-8300 today!
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