Our Attorneys at Evans Case can assist
with dealing with Construction Defects

Construction Defect Lawyer Denver

A construction worker in a yellow helmet looking up at a building he's working on

How We Can Serve You:

The attorneys at EvansCase can assist you with the following:

  • Improper drainage issues

  • Roof defects

  • Siding and stucco deficiencies

  • Improper landscaping

  • Structural defects

  • Defective plumbing

  • Defective electrical wiring

  • Faulty building materials

  • Inadequate grading

  • Inadequate or faulty ventilation

  • Defective air conditioning or heating systems

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Construction defects refer generally to problems that reduce the value of a residential or commercial property. Defects are generally related to poor design, workmanship, or faulty building materials. Construction defects can result in significant property damage and may present a risk for serious injuries.


However, it may take time to discover the defects.

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