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The recent pandemic has hit the entire world and some harder than others. Especially children. Evans Case has remained relentless in meeting the needs of the local community. We have sponsored charity events hosted by Denver Bronco Von Miller for several years and will continue to fund Von's Vision for the foreseeable future because of their impact on our local young community.

30% of children experience vision problems that have a significant impact in terms of long-term health, school performance and emotional/social development. Visual difficulties affect children’s ability to learn (three times more likely to fail at least one grade 1), resulting in academic under-achievement and risk of reduced adult literacy. This has a significant impact on professional and social fulfillment.

Access to eyeglasses and resulting good vision at school can be considered as a true “passport for success” for children.

Specifically, within their target markets, Von’s Vision is endeavoring to overcome barriers for access to eye screenings as well as common barriers for children to wear corrective eye wear, including not feeling like their glasses are comfortable and trendy.

Since inception, Von's Vision has provided more than 5.1 million dollars in vision care and eye wear to over 8,500 kids. We value the work they are doing and are committed to empowering the young people who benefit from Von's Vision.

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